Welcome to the official website of Fil’s Cafe!


Fil’s Cafe is a family owned restaurant and dining lounge located in the Duckworth Plaza on the corner of Grove St. and Duckworth St. in Barrie, ON, Canada. Fil’s Cafe was first established in 1983, and has continued running as a family operated establishment ever since. Throughout all of the years, unique memorabilia and interesting decor has constantly been added to the dining area, which all adds to the amazing experience Fil’s Cafe provides.

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Our menu provides a variety of options, including an All-Day breakfast, lunch and dinner items, with our specialties residing in our seafood menu. We take extreme pride in both our Fried Halibut and Haddock, as well as our superior and friendly service experience. Feel free to get to know us, discuss interesting news topics and customize your orders however you please!